Mission Statement
A view of New Amsterdam – Vingboons

The mission of the New Amsterdam History Center is to encourage public exploration of the early history of New Amsterdam and New York City, its diverse peoples, landscapes, institutions, and global legacy. To disseminate information and encourage greater knowledge about the formative histories of New York City and New Netherland, the Center will establish and maintain a historical reference and research center and archives, build a dynamic internet presence, assist in creating school curricula, promote and support research and scholarship, issue publications, and organize historical and cultural activities, programs and events to enrich the public’s understanding of the New Amsterdam era.

The NAHC will perform a unique service for New Yorkers and other interested visitors through creative public presentations that explore the enduring influence of the Dutch settlement of New York.

NAHC Board of Trustees

  • Esme E. Berg, Vice President/Executive Director
  • Patricia U. Bonomi, Ph.D.
  • Michael E. Cavanaugh, Esq.
  • Toya Dubin
  • Firth Fabend, Ph.D.
  • Wijnie de Groot
  • Casey R. Kemper
  • Jan Seidler Ramirez, Ph.D.
  • Suzanne Roff, Ph.D
  • Ina Lee Selden, Treasurer
  • Vanessa Sellers
  • Andrew Terhune
  • James Van Splinter, Esq.
  • Tom Visée, President
  • Marc Yland

About Our Logo

The NAHC Logo shows three key aspect of New Amsterdam:

  • Our ship, a Dutch Fluyt, was the essential vehicle for Dutch global trade and commerce in the Seventeenth Century
  • A windmill is the symbol of Dutch culture and technology
  • The silhouette reminds us of the rich human stories of the first people of New Amsterdam

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Re-drafting of the Castello Plan, 1913 by John Wolcott Adams (1874–1925) and I.N. Phelps Stokes (1867–1944) New-York Historical Society Library, Maps Collection

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