About New Amsterdam History Center


The mission of the New Amsterdam History Center (NAHC) is to encourage exploration of the Dutch history of New Amsterdam as it laid the foundational character for today’s New York City, with special reference to its ethnic, racial, and religious diversity, urban landscapes, economic vitality, and global legacy.

NAHC fulfills its mission by linking the past to the present through public lectures and panel discussions, newsletters, tours, and online research resources all of which since 2005 have enriched public understanding of the continuing Dutch contributions to New York City.


In pursuit of its mission to disseminate information about the formative history of New York City, the New Amsterdam History Center (NAHC), with seed money from the Empire State Development Corporation and the Collegiate Church Corporation of New York, developed an extensive database or “encyclopedia” of historical references that was recently made available to the public. Based on the Castello Plan of 1660, the encyclopedia, entitled Mapping Early New York, is a treasure trove of information from detailed sources connected with map features, particularly tax lots, and provides specific information about streets, houses, residents, and more.


NAHC’s dynamic internet presence, and its mission, now uniquely energized by the public’s access to our database, will enable the creation of school curricula, genealogical research, and the promotion and support of historical scholarship. These will supplement NAHC’s ongoing presence through its website, newsletter, and its historical and cultural activities, programs, and events.

About our Logo

The NAHC Logo represents three key aspects of New Amsterdam

A Dutch Fluyt, was the essential vehicle for Dutch global trade and commerce in the Seventeenth Century

A windmill

Is the symbol of Dutch culture and technology

The silhouette

Reminds us of the rich human stories of the first people of New Amsterdam


New Amsterdam History Center 1345 Avenue of the Americas, 33rd Floor New York, NY 10105

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The New Amsterdam History Center Facts

NAHC is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization and is listed on Guidestar, an independent organization that supports nonprofits.
NAHC’s financial statements, tax and other documents are available through a direct request to the Secretary.